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Our Vision

Fleet Partners Group (FPG)

We are a consortium of ambitious, experienced, fair, flexible, hardworking, logical, forward-thinking people committed to providing fleets with cost effective, reliable products and services while earning long-term, mutually-beneficial business partnerships. Our proactive business processes reduce fleet cost, providing superior service, ensuring reasonable financial return, and solid, long-term customers for our group members.

Best Practices

We facilitate group members building relationships and sharing “best practices.”

Financial Fuel

We have partnered with private investment groups knowledgeable of the transportation industry. This now gives us the ability to acquire, merge, or help group members grow by providing the necessary financial fuel to do so.

Fleet Partners Group Service Umbrella

We promote utilizing members to provide quality service at value pricing, increasing your offering to good customers.

Group Buying Program

We are constantly looking for companies that can provide group member value with product and services need.


We continually make face-to-face visits and video meetings with potential key decision makers of larger fleets to facilitate business opportunities for members.

Sales Team Leadership

Due to Dan’s experience and history, we enjoy and are willing to offer necessary leadership and mentoring of salespeople.

Succession Plans

Fleet Partners can help develop succession plans for owners that do not currently have one.


Fleet Partners Group members will be featured in our website services directory