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Our Vision

Fleet Partners Group (FPG)

We are a consortium of ambitious, experienced, fair, flexible, hardworking, logical, forward-thinking people committed to providing fleets with cost effective, reliable products and services while earning long-term, mutually-beneficial business partnerships. Our proactive business processes reduce fleet cost, providing superior service, ensuring reasonable financial return, and solid, long-term customers for our group members.
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Beneficial Fleet Relationships

A primary goal of Fleet Partners Group is to develop long term beneficial business relationships with decision makers. We focus on understanding the vendor approval process, expectations, needs, procedures, and protocol required to do good business. Once aforementioned is understood our team will facilitate relationships with approved companies owned by good people. Per request we will intercede and become involved with current relationships to improve communication, efficiency, performance and relationships. Fleet Partners Group will manage the relationship between Fleets and companies ensuring a mutually beneficial financial return plus excellent communication.

Beneficial Vender Relationships

As experienced entrepreneurs with a history of providing superior service yielding cost-effective results we understand the challenge of operating local, regional and national organizations in a financially responsible way. Fleet Partners Group markets and represents our group of selected companies with the utmost professionalism. We will add companies to the group when, and where necessary that will enhance “footprint” coverage plus improve efficiency and profitability.
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Fixed assets (i.e. Buildings, Computers, Tools & Vehicles) cannot hear or speak to customers. Most Managers and/or Sales people have never been properly trained to represent organizations in a continual professional manner. Conflict resolution is something many people are not trained to handle properly. We provide mentoring to key individuals for those companies desiring such ensuring key players embrace continual, methodic, organized, and professional processes emphasizing follow up and follow through. Our Mentoring will enhance fleet partnerships providing additional business opportunities from current and prospective customers.

FPG Payments for Services Rendered

Capable and compliant companies owned by good people interested in becoming an Approved Fleet Partners Member Vendor receiving Management, Marketing, and Mentoring pay a “gentlemen’s agreement” monthly fee acceptable to both parties. Fleet Partners Group will invoice the vendor agreed amount the first week of every month; payment expected within 15 days.
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People Search Firm

Fleet Partners Group will help find necessary people to fill desired positions for an agreed fee which will be paid once a 90-day probation period has been accomplished. 

Private Financial Partners - Interested in Evolving a Regional Vendor Footprint

Substantial Private Investors have joined forces with us. These investors are high quality, successful people who understand our industry and fleets desire for “one stop shopping” from Regional Companies. 

For those interested in merging, partnering or selling, etc. we have been tasked with performing due diligence, packaging, and recommending situations deemed good long term for our consortium of approved companies. Confidentiality will be provided while exploring potential situations deemed fair, logical and reasonable for all parties involved.
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