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Fleet Partners Group (FPG) has formed a strategic partnership with Ten-West Towing, Inc. (TWI) offering 24/7/365 Event Management for Select Fleets desiring one-stop shopping and that do not wish to establish any and/or all of the capable, compliant companies owned and managed by good people within our consortium.

We desire to provide an easy-to-use process enabling qualified Select Fleets to contact Ten- West Towing, Inc. via phone for emergency service and email when estimates or scheduled service are needed. Fleets will need to provide “accurate and ample” information as to what needs to be done and where.

Whether emergency or scheduled, an appropriate Fleet Partners Group member will be notified and asked to perform service or provide estimate. If contacted member(s) cannot satisfy event requested in the time necessary, Fleet will be notified and a backup member will be contacted if within reasonable distance. We will only use capable and compliant Approved Fleet Partners Group members to provide emergency or scheduled service.

Our goal is to continually grow the Fleet Partners Group of capable, compliant companies owned and managed by good people throughout the Western States. We will explore adding members to the group recommended by Fleets, provided they do not conflict with current members.

Approved Qualified Fleets only need to establish one company as an Approved Vendor:
Ten-West Towing, Inc., P.O. Box 82343, Bakersfield, California 93380.
Insurance Certificate and W-9 are included and can be provided.
All payments should be made to aforementioned company name and address.
Once selected Fleets are established in the Ten-West system, Event Requests can be made by contacting the following phone number and email 24/7/365: 1-833-407-0139
Estimates and Scheduled Events — If preferred, and in the case of Scheduling Service more than 24 hours in advance or requesting estimates, you may email:

Ten-West Towing, Inc. will accept Event Requests (both emergency service requests or estimates and scheduled service requests), notify appropriate member(s), manage/track progress of work being done while keeping Fleet person(s) apprised of what is transpiring through completion.

Accident Recovery Tows

A key component of our offering is discounted rates for Towing Accident Recovery to include Environmental Remediation/HazMat cleanup as listed, provided Fleet gives majority of Non-Accident Towing/Vehicle Movements to the group per pricing listed. We realize getting our substantial Tow companies, “many of which are currently approved,” to accidents prior to authorities’ calling in whoever is on rotation, will be challenging and require prompt communication and teamwork from all involved parties.

Dealership / Warranty Tows

For events which the Fleet Partners Group client directs tow cost be billed directly to dealership of choice, either via warranty or other arrangements, Fleet Partners Group member will drop vehicle at designated dealer, obtain purchase order, present charges at time of drop via field ticket, and invoice dealership directly per listed price template or pre-arranged pricing structure with dealership, if applicable, whichever may be the lesser.

Long Distance Towing and /or Transport

We can compliantly and transparently facilitate moving vehicles or equipment long distances to include other states utilizing Tow and/or Transport companies within our group from Point A to B, including obtaining appropriate permitting when necessary. Provide details, including type of equipment and where it is needs to go, and we will use appropriate capable, compliant companies within our group to accomplish. Estimates can be provided.

Tire Strategic Partnership

We have formed a Strategic Partnership with Southern Tire Mart, the largest Commercial Tire Company in the United States. This will enable us to provide product and service from their 70 Commercial Truck Tire Centers and 33 Southern Tire Mart Truck Service Centers at Pilot Flying J, eventually taking over 200 locations. They are a direct dealer for Bridgestone, Continental, Dayton, Double Coin, Duraturn, General, Gladiator, Firestone, Toyo, Triangle and Yokohama plus Bandag retreads produced at 17 plants.

Ten-West Towing, Inc. will invoice fleets at agreed pricing for categories listed. For those categories of service no pricing has been agreed or published, competitive pricing will be used.

Should Fleets desire to establish and deal directly with any and all in the Fleet Partners Group, we can facilitate doing so.

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